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Board Meetings:

Membership Meetings:



Feb. 8  SB Steppers Mardi Gras Party 

May 17  SB Steppers Toga Party 

Aug 24  SB Steppers Neon 90's Anniversary Party 

Oct. 18  SB Steppers Fall Fest  

2019 Road Trips: Aaron's Teaching Workshop                        Class

March 8-9 "Watch Me Work" New Orleans

April 5-7 "PZAZZ" Tulsa, Ok

August 26-30 "Line Dance Cruise" 

December 13-14 "410" Dallas, Tx

Feb. 13 Viola Love

Feb. 14 Stephanie Ball

Feb.23 David Adams

Feb. 28 John ''Bull" Cook

Beginning in 2019, each 3rd Tuesday we will hold birthday celebrations during class. Pizza & cake will be provided, BYOB. ​​

Annual Official Membership Dues:

July 1st - Sept. 30th of each year

     $60.00  Before October 1

                 $80.00 After October 1  

                               (Late Fee)


  All new members pay





 Feb. 2 Black History Parade

 Feb. 8 SB Steppers Mardi Gras Party 

Greenwood Venue

8pm - 1am

 Feb. 23 Road Lions Motorcycle Mardi Gras On The Parkway

Clyde Fant Parkway

10am - until