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Oct. 2 Tamika Edwards

Oct. 5 Rose Davis                         Barbara Preston

Oct. 9 Aaron Brown

Oct. 21 Angela Joseph

Annual  Membership  Dues

Annual Official Membership:

    July 1st thru June 30th of each year

 Membership dues may be paid from July 1 to September 30th of each year.  

​     $60.00  Before October 1

          $80.00 After October 1  (Late Fee)

                         All new members pay $60.00

Board Meetings:

 *October 20

Membership Meetings:

 *September 8

 *Novemeber 10


 Oct. 6 Aaron & Aubrey's 50th Birthday Party

Oct. October Birthday Babies Event (Agriculture        Building on Fairgrounds)

Oct. 16 Membership Orientation Meeting

Oct. 19 1st Annual Halloween Party (David's Party           at Greenwood Venue)

Oct. 19 - 21 ATL Sliders, Texas Chapter 5th                     Anniversary (Killeen, TX)

Oct. 26 SB Steppers Pre Halloween Party (Greenwood Venue)

Oct. 27 Halloween Costume Party (American                 Legion)